Off-Grid Installation Video Diary.
Viridian solar glass roof, BYD Battery storage, and Victron Energy complete off-grid solution.

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Viridian Solar Glass Roof | Off-Grid Installation Video Diary

Viridian solar glass roof, BYD Battery storage, and Victron Energy complete off-grid solution

Self-build project, Shropshire

Victron Energy captured on film, the full installation of a Viridian Solar Glass Roof in one of our off-grid projects. Jim Watt from Shropshire got in contact with the Off Grid Engineering team when he realised that it was going to cost him a lot of money to get his self build home connected to the National Grid.

Jim has a great interest in renewable energy and is pleased to be generating electricity and heat for his home using Solar PV.

As you can see from the video Jim is using the Viridian Clearline Fusion roof integrated system to cover his south-facing roof. He has combined that with a 15.4kW BYD LVL battery storage system and Victron Energy management and monitoring system.

The video diary documents the complete installation from start to finish. Including the installation of the solar roof, the integration of a backup generator, installation of the battery storage system, and programming of all of the equipment.

Here at Off Grid Engineering, we specialise in installing power solutions or homes and businesses without a connection to the National Grid along with complete power solutions for the marine and inland waterway industry and the camper van and RV sectors.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with our team please get in touch on 0800 246 5095 or complete your details in the box below.

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